Enter the Blogosphere Pt1


Here it is!  The inaugural post I’ve been procrastinating over for months, probably even years, is finally being written.  There are so many things I could share about my journey up until now, tho over time I hope there will be blog posts to cover them all…


I’ve been intentionally on my journey to health for many, many years now.  It’s a long and convoluted story which I’ll elaborate on in the weeks ahead.  Most of my 20s were spent traipsing from one specialist to the next, having one blood test after another, after another X-ray, after another MRI… you get the picture.  Unexplained migraines.  Daily.

I started to get a glimpse of how intricately my emotional state was connected to my physical state in my late 20s, once my physical issues and subsequent pain started to improve.  Some of the onion layers I’d been holding onto for so many years were starting to peel away and the true Rebekkah was being revealed.  I had been hiding from the world, and from myself, for so long that I felt so raw and vulnerable for quite some time.  I gradually realised I liked the “me” who had been suppressed for all of those years.  I was like a caterpillar awakening from slumber and emerging from its cocoon for the first time.  Beautiful, awe-inspiring and simply indescribable to observe.  How can a common caterpillar be transformed into a radiant, eye-catching and unique butterfly?

The healing touch of a loving Heavenly Father … and a daughter submitted to the Refiner’s fire.

And then I met my husband and we were married within the year. Yep! I know, crazy!

It was soon after this healing had begun, of my broken and damaged heart, that I also started to get a revelation of the extent of the toxicity in our world and in our foods.

My husband and I embarked on a journey to eliminate all toxins (that we were aware of) from our house and our foods.  We removed all processed foods and sugar from our diets and also became vegetarian for a season, as we felt that was what our bodies were asking of us, to assist in the transition of eliminating toxins and beginning a new chapter in our lives…

Fast forward five years and two young children later and once again I’m listening intently to my body’s cues and am currently on a juicing feast.  Day 29 actually.  I have been on a few juicing feasts in the past, all have come at times when I’ve reached the end of myself and know that my body is crying out for some deep healing.  I vividly recall my first juicing feast, at the age of 25.  Deep in the midst of chronic unexplained migraines and fatigue.  I only managed 10 days, tho I remember it was enough to boost my body, and my heart – and carry me through many, many more months and years of indescribable, soul-destroying pain…  If only I had known then what I know now!!!

This time my feast is so different.  Both the reason, and the journey itself.  In a nutshell, in May, I learnt I had 2 herniated discs and one ruptured disc in my lumbar spine.  Surgery was apparently a given, tho I didn’t have peace to take this approach.  There is definitely a place for allopathic medicine, tho for me, this was not one of those places!  Soon after this diagnosis I received my healing in my heart and knew I was healed, tho my body was taking longer to come into alignment with my spirit.  Two months later, I still had numbness in one foot, nerve pain down one leg and obviously, pain in my lower back.  I was getting occasional migraines from the pain referring up my spine and into my neck.  Hence the need for something to change!

I began this juicing feast because I knew in my heart that I had reached a point in my journey where I felt stuck.  My healing had stagnated and my pain levels were not improving.   I was still taking painkillers every few days, and some days multiple times a day.  I knew I needed to dig deep and provide my body with the resources it needed to heal.

And so, I’m now 4 weeks in, and the numbness has almost completely healed in my foot.  Nerves have literally grown back that were apparently likely irreparably damaged.  The nerve pain in my leg is also almost gone and I have significantly less pain in my back.  I’ve not needed to take any pain medication for 4 weeks!

This past weekend I was laying on our bed with our family before our girls went to sleep, and being young children, they were bouncing all over the bed.  Our eldest decided to jump right down on my hips while I was laying on my side.  It was agonising. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain during the day and by this morning when I woke up I could barely hobble around the house.  I thought I’d have to reach for some painkillers and was disappointed… tho I decided to try some ginger oil.  I’ve used this intermittently for some reduction of my pain, tho this morning it completely took the edge off it and I happily hosted a bunch of noisy toddlers for the morning :). Hallelujah!!!

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