About Healthy, Healed & Whole

Hello and welcome to Healthy Healed and Whole!

My name is Rebekkah and I’m a mama to two beautiful girls, 4 and under.

I truly believe that our bodies are intricately fashioned together and our emotional, physical and spiritual states are all inter-connected.  So when one part becomes sick or overwhelmed, or is out of alignment, the other parts are also affected, often unbeknownst to us.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, when given the right circumstances.  We can also be healed by divine miracles, tho they are stories to be shared another day…

This site is about my own journey to health, healing and wholeness.  I have experienced my share of health and emotional setbacks, and am daily gaining ground on my journey to fullness of health and healing.  In particular, I find that using non-toxic products in my family’s house and on our bodies plays a huge role in moving ahead in the journey to wholeness.  I have set up an online store where you can purchase some of the products I use and mention in my articles.

I invite you to come along for the ride, and hopefully you’ll gain from some of my experiences as well.  May you also find answers to your questions and be healthy, healed and whole!